InSpirit Barcelona

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Let's come together in spirit

A beautiful initiative with a diversity of ideas, activities and facilities. A space to advance your practice and share your love for inner work. Let’s come together in spirit.

Going inwards is life-changing

“As human beings we are able to heal ourselves, when we become aware of our breath. This is what I’ve learnt during a certain period in my life. The effects of yoga and meditation helped me move through long buried emotions, addictions and (child) trauma. It opened up channels that might never have been opened. For the first time I got to know my own fullness. My inner strength.

I believe that in every human being lies an all-knowing source. An authenticity. I started to dream about a safe space where people can gather and discover how to access and return to their inner worlds. This is how InSpirit is born.”

- Founder, Studio Inspirit

A space to advance your practice & to share your love for inner work


“Move, breathe through it and step in the space you’ve created”

Repetition is key to go deeper into a sustainable practice. InSpirit offers a place for authentic mindfulness at all levels including yoga, meditation and breathwork. Our mission is to make classes accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience, belief or background.


“Life is the biggest workshop: you have to observe life.”

Within life there’s so much to explore and learn. Learning never exhausts the mind. InSpirit offers a variety of holistic workshops that guide you through an inside journey into the outside world. To illustrate conscious nutrition, energetic massage, sound healing, self defense and self expression. All created out of love.


“Together, we can do great things.”

One of the elements of an entrepreneurial mindset is collaboration. InSpirit loves to connect practitioners with inspiring teachers and vice versa. Also, we’d like to serve as a link between organizations and hospitable locations in and around Barcelona.